Alexander the Great

This is a Tamil book publish by Kizhakku. This is my 3rd book of NHM’s. It’s a great time to writing a book review of “Maha Alexander”. Total book is contains of 165 pages with the additional reference of their author [R.Muthukumar].which clearly separated by 14 chapters.

Alexander the Great
Maha Alexander

I intentionally purchase this book because the author mentions in this front cover ‘the Alexander’s war techniques are can’t even compare with administration or business institutes strategies”.

I like to read about the war and the techniques they used in war [same as in the business too]. So I thought it should be satisfied me in both need.

When I start reading the 1st chapter, I like the follow of the author’s continuations. And some places I highlighted with highlighter too. Because those understand me too about those are using war techniques and same for business too.

Here by I go through by my highlighted area,

  • In page no 11 he says “even if it is the fort or in the war, signals are important to the soldiers” we have to understand this into real life in business and the war too. Sometimes we don’t have time to explain what we think. so signals are important.
  • In page no 24 he says, “Don’t give-up your victory for anyone. If you avoid the victory, than victory will avoid you” in business and real life it’s true because when we give up it for a fun. It will lead us to bigger loose in future, so use the opportunity and win the battle every times.
  • In page no 89 he says about the diversification of the duties to the soldiers. And how the soldiers should act and he [Alexander] will give a limited freedom to the certain levels. This is a good technique to handle soldiers.
  • In page no 91 he says “importance of information”. For a business we should understand the necessary of information and the efficient use of that information. It’s same as in the war which Alexander uses as it.
  • In the same page he says about understand the enemy’s weak points and the enemy’s tactics too, than only we can break their strength and capture their spaces. When we attack their weakest point the enemy will losing the confident and strengths.
  • In page no 103 he says “Alexander is not a leader who order and beside in battle, he is the first person who enter the battle and order others how to attack the enemy”.
  • In page no 150 he says identified the correct person and provide the responsibility to them. Even if s/he was work for others [competitor] in this case “he handover the kingdom back to the earlier king [who fight with him (Purushothamar)] to manage behalf of him”, which is good example of Alexander’s duty diversifications.
  • at the last page as it

last words of Alexder the Great

As per my understanding, this book it’s a great pleasure to read. I have learned lot but I share here less than 5%. If you like to gain much you better buy this book and read, which may give you a lot of learning’s.

When I read this book I like to learn more about the Darius III and purushothamar. Especially Darius is a personality who can gather a more soldier’s in short time [who escape so many times from Alexander and Get back with much soldiers fight with him], so in my perspective he is also a great leader [may be].

And Purushothamar is another great king who wondered by Alexander as well. Specially I like to know about his War techniques and his Usage of their soldiers [in 13th chapther Muthukumar explain it well, but if he explain feather in another book will be a good to us].

So I am expecting another 2 books in future by R.Muthukumar

In over all the Maha Alexander will be a good investment to myself.

Its Indian Rupees 80.00 or srilankan Rupees of 280.00.

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