Secret of success

Before read the case study everyone should understand the answers in the scenario. The person who understands the case correctly wins the battles.

How to analysis a case?

Understand the basis

Student should understand what the industry is case is, and what is the history of the case contents.

For examples if the case is talk about the airport industry, the student should know, some background knowledge about the airport management [practical and academic] and she or he should be understand the history of that airport which given in case.

The understanding of the history will help the student to, develop suitable strategies to the case or understand what short of risk that company is facing.

Understand the Vision, Mission and Objective of the case.

The student should understand what are the vision, mission and objectives of the organisation given in a case.

The organisational long terms strategies are depend on their mission and vision statements. Therefore it’s necessary to the student to understand it.

Understand the industrial or organisational life cycle

To identifying the organisational or industrial life cycle, will help the student to understanding what kinds of strategies should adopted to the case related business.

This life cycle providing a clear picture to the student about, whether they looks for short life cycle or long term life cycle.

Understanding the issues or problems

To understand the correct problem is the critical success factor to pass the exams.

Understand the factors made issues to the organisation.

1.       The student should understand the rationale behind the problems of the organisation faces, same time he or she should be investigate the main problems of the organisation.

2.       Once the problem or issues identified, the student should question him or her self’s, how the problems will be solve in short term and long terms.

3.       Once identifying the short term problems. It’s necessary to classified it to how to important and immediate is that problem is. The weight age will be given according to important and immediate. And says how to solve it and what kind of strategies to undertaken.

Understanding the long term issues

To understanding to long term problems will be help the students to write about the following question or approaches.

1.       How these issues are arises?

The student should understand how these issues are arising, and what the base of these issues is.

2.       How its affect to the current operations and the systems?

It’s good for student to understand how these problems are affecting our current operations and the systems.  And understanding of how its effect the stakeholders, also important to make decision making.

3.       What are the opportunity methods are available to the organisation to solve these problems.

4.       Student should question their selves as

a.       What are the strategies can adopt to solve those problems?

b.      How long will take to solve these problems?

c.       What is the projected budget for problem solving strategies?

d.      What are the losses due to these problems?

Suggested decisions

This is a very important part of the case study. What are the decisions we taken with the limited available information. And how successfully we analysis and get the correct problems of the organisation or industry.

Because most of the examiners are expecting one suggested answer than the 2 or 3 options give to them. The selected decision or answer should be clearly explaining with the all the following aspects,

1.       Financially beneficial or not [viability of success]?

2.       Is the decision according to the mission and vision of the organisation or objective?

3.       What are the internal factors will be consider to taking decisions?

4.        What are the external factors should consider to taking decisions?

5.       How the decisions are accordance with changes organisational culture and structure?

6.       Is it providing a permanent solution to the organisation or a temporary?


Additional factors which is to considers

  • Critical success factors of the organisation
  • Value addition activities of the organisation
  • Keep performance indicator[KPI’s] of the organisation
  • Financial ratios of the organisation
  • Financial potions and performance of the organisation
  • The inflation and interest rate of the organisation
  • Foreign currency risk of the organisation
  • Banks and hedging dealing of organisation
  • Risk  profile of the organisation
  • Working capital policy of the organisation
  • Cultural and social factors of the environment
  • Etc…


Short and sweetly

Whatever the analysis we made all the answers are given in scenarios. Therefore as a student we identified the answers separately and given back the same background to the examiner again.

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