My Experience And Review Of Enthiran The Robot


Enthiran is a new Tamil film released on 1st of  October 2010. But only today I had the opportunity to watch it.

Unfortunately I got to know a part of the story through my sister. I wondered about my self, because my sister didn’t say any good things about the Tamil cinema. She said it was an amazing film and I have to watch it too.

Because of that torture and my friends’ request I decided to watch it. me and two of my friends went to Cine city theatre for 6.30 Pm Show. We were there by 5.30 PM to take tickets. We expected there will be a huge crowd outside the Cinecity to  get tickets, as the day fallen on a weekend and saturday. As we expected when the main gate was open, we were shocked for a moment. Earlier we thought by looking outside of the theatre there is not much crowd as we expected.

We got 5 seats front from the last row at the time of even at 5.45 Pm.

As to me the story was very interesting in the last part, where graphics were used in the fight scene. I felt happy for the new technologies they used in tamil film equal to english films. I loved the end part of graphics. It was awesome.

I felt bored at times, as I knew the story of that earlier, I know the next scenes of each scene. I am greatly satisfied with director Shankar’s talent.

If anybody ask me tell me endiran in one sentence, I would say “It is about how the world will be if there are robots, Pros and cons of having robots”

As per my perspective

Enthiran [robot] is a money making technique, at the same time it is a good pleasure time for entertainment seekers. But not for the value of money [ as there are no specific message given to general public, as Rajni Kanth do in his films ].

Hats off to the actors and the team who involved in the making of Enthiran.

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