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October 27, 2010

Most of us are commonly using passwords in our day today activities. But we forget about the importance of the passwords,

The Thing we should Think before developed a Password.

  • What short of important activity, that we are using those passwords.

The important will vary according the usages and the valuable of information’s.

Eg: – using password for playing game is less important.

But login computer in office is high important activity.

                So a person can decide the importance of the password according to their activities and the importance.

  • How often we change the passwords

The passwords are necessary to change oftenly. Keeping same password will be a lack of control and lead to be high risky.

As an official uses the employees are mostly advisable to change their password every week, in best case twice in a week. But still it’s questionable, how they follow and changing their password to secure their valuable imformations.

  • Rememberance of the password

Most of the time remembering the password is a difficult for some people. When they change password often, it’s difficult to remember every passwords,

So most of the time it advisable to set a password as current news topics or any other related , which he or she won’t forget that particular time.and may not identified by others as well.

  • Don’t write your password anywhere

Some people are doing this mistake. Writing the password and kept in somewhere.

In some cases they wrote clearly what password for what use[ what login]. This will be easy to theft and misused the passwords.

In common cases, most of the people write their Security cord beside their  ATM Cards or debit cards. They forget those are password which they can change and make it to easy them to remember.

Most common passwords in the world

If anyone want to hack any password,than they can used these passwords. Nearly 40% will keep these passwords

  • Date of birth

The date of birth is mostly use by the beginners who start using passwords. Most of them think it’s a secure password but in real case it’s a worst password ever people have.

  • 123456

This is also a mostly used password. The most of the sites asks the minimum of 6 letters to be password. If the minimum password requirement is 7 letters it will be 1234567. Because most of the people won’t think, this can be copy and try out by hackers.

Same time 456789 and 147258,258369 also can be a password [all these letters taking because of easiness]

  • The school name

The people who mostly attract with school kept their school name as a password. Most of the famous school students are use this passwords, because they proud to be that school student.

  • Lover , husband or wife name or their kids name

This is because their pure love, but its lead a lack of control on their password.

  • Telephone number

The telephone number is also a password of some people. There are 2 options as their land line number or the mobile phone number or lover’s handphone number.

The Best password

This is the question most of the people having, and most of them made those weak password without knowing a proper way to type best Password.

The best way to developed password is alphanumeric.


 These are the step, where used the numbers and letters.

Number such as 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

And letters are A-Z, a-z.

Therefore altogether 62 characters [0-1, A-Z and a-z] are there to make a good passwords.

For example to used the Alphanumeric is

A person call Amal can write name as their password of 1M1l here 1 is A.

Any numbers can instated any letters as their wish

For example RAVI can do password as R0v1 here 0 for a, and 1 for I.

This Alphanumeric will help everyone to develop a better password than the above.

If the person want they can use, . / ‘ <>?”:

And develop a better password as their wants.

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