Srilanka Export market for Coconut and Coconut Products


Srilanka enjoys an extreme advantage of exporting the Coconut products to the rest of the world.

Especially coconut tree is can be consider as Utility tree. Because we used all the parts of the tree and we get maximum benefit out of it.

Coconut products are widely available in every coastal area in Srilanka. It has a huge home demand and the export opportunity as well.

Most of srilankan are doing this business as their small business. But it can’t consider as a small business, because most business are became an enterprises as well established.

Here I am discussing bit about the export market of Coconut products but same products are widely available is Srilanka as well.

The main businesses in Coconut product are,

Desiccated [dry] Coconut,

In overall Srilanka there are nearly a 60 mills widely available. The total production is about near to 72,000 to 75,000 metric tons per year.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, etc…

Door mats,

The door mats are prepared by using the coir twines or coir fiber mix. There are 3 different types of it by production procedures, such as

  • Auto Machine production
  • Manual production
  • Using steel springs

This is a local market and the export as well. Specially foreign countries are using in the winter time.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, UK, Netherland, as well..


The twine is made by the Coconut Bristle, it can be made according to the needs and the requisition made by the consumers. These twine gets a great demand, when the world talk about the global pollutions and the go green proceeds, mostly available is green product is this twine.

This is the main reason most of the western counties are more interested to buy it.

Countries to export

USA, UK, Japan, some of the EU countries And etc…

Charcoal Briquettes,

This is shell of the coconut. In Srilanka people use it for cooking and domestic heating purposes. The same purpose its export as well. Its use some other counties for domestic heating and some of the external activities as well like BBQ.

Countries to export

Middle East countries, UK, African counties, Japan, for domestic heating, etc…

Coir Mattress,

The coir is using to make a mattress. But now there is not enough demand for Coir mattress, so most of the mattresses are using to produce the coir with the Rubberized.  This will be a cost efficiently and the value for money concern.

Countries to export

Japan, Germany, and some EU Countries…

Coconut Cream and Coconut milk,

This is a main product of the Coconut tree. Mostly of the people get use of it. The recent time, most of the countries are using packet Coconut milk power or milk.  It’s a 100% pure Coconut Kernel. This is not flavor or Artificial Preservatives included it.  This is use for the preparation of Curries and Desserts.

Recent home demand for the packet coconut milk power appreciated. In soon future srilanka will mostly use it.

Countries to export

Most of the EU countries, UK, Middle East, Australia and Singapore.


For you

This is a good business opportunity to the Srilankan to start the business in coconut products and succeed. These investments are not leading you a huge risk. Because every part of the coconut tree can be use it. But the important is the quality of the product will be a key success of export market.

The coconut products are the good investment activities for the people who would like to start the small business in srilanka.

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  1. I am agriculture degree holder & hope to start my own business. I expect to export coconut product like desicated cococnut, coconut cream etc..please be kind enough to send me further details regarding how to catch the byers from the international market….


  2. Dear Mr. Samamtha and Mr. Nuwan,
    The above article is a basic of the export market for Coconut products.
    For your information you can get a correct guidance from the coconut development board of Srilanka and the export development board of Srilanka.
    My best wishes to your business.
    best regards.

  3. hi im working in company i like to start business doing with the coconut fibers waste can we start the business and get order from the country

  4. I am a small buisnueesman of coconut coir (fiber )brush i like to join the export markert so help me to how to join markert and contact numbers

  5. We have Raw materials ( coconut ) we are planning to start a smalll scale business which includes exporting , dedicated coconut is which we have in mind ,, we are on the path of building new ideas, we need every piece of advise ,, we are getting a supply of raw materials from a 70 acres, so please be kind enough to contact us 0723252084

    1. Dear Malinka Waliwita,
      Its happy to hear your planning to start the small scale of Export Businesses. the Srilanka Export Development Board Used to help the small scale entrepreneur to start their exports.
      Could you please contact to Srilanka Export Development Board on 011 2300705/11
      All best for your new Export Business.

  6. Hello there,
    If i had about 2m Srilankan rupees to invest in very small time business on coconut.what can expect as my returns. and time? appreciate your views..

    1. Dear Mark,
      Srilanka is a wonderful country to Invest, but it’s difficult to tell “how much you can earn?”
      According to My View the Coconut Plantation will be long term investment, or if you enter the export Market with good contacts, you can see some immediate Returns,
      For more information, post your inquires,

  7. Mr prasanna, thank you for giving a brief but interesting information. I am very interested to start my own small business related to coconut industry. pls advice on this.pls give an rough idea abt the capital need to start a DC mill ? is there a good market for DC in Sri Lanka??

  8. I would like to engage with fiber rope i need more information about this can i have nessersary information.

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