Deepawali is an important festival in Hindu’s life. It’s commonly known as Divali or Diwali. Deepawali interpret in English as festival of lights.

The countries where Hindus lives are celebrating Deepawali in grate extents. The Deepawali festival is festivals of lights for the businessmen also. Because Hindus in all over the world, celebrating Deepawali with wearing new cloths and exchanging sweets with their family and friends and wish their greeting too.

The countries such as Srilanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Mauritius, Nepal and Myanmar are announced Deepawali as an official holiday and respecting the Hinduism.

Therefore businessmen are looking forward the Deepawali festival to lighting their business.

Here are some small businesses related to Deepawali,

Clothing’s or textile outlets

The clothing’s are most consumable item in Deepawali season. Specially most of the Asian countries, which celebrate Deepawali are enjoying the high growth in their businesses during these Deepawali season.

The expected sale in the Deepawali season is 3 to 4 times more than the normal sales in other days. The main reason for such huge demand is that every Hindu believes wearing new dress in Deepawali is bring wealthy and blessings.

This weakness use by the businessmen and develops their business over the time.  The best example is Indian advertisements which related to Deepawali, one month before the Deepawali starting an advertising campaign to reach their targets.

Key to be success of clothing or textile shops or outlet is

  • Starting  Advertisement campaigns,
  • New design clothing’s,
  • New offers and price reductions,
  • Value added services,
  • Promotional items for business developments
  • Understanding the consumer needs

Sweet sellers

The Deepawali is another name for the sweetness and sharing the sweets. About 1990’s or the before the housewives are made sweets on their home [rational Hindus made sweets at their home for Deepawali purposes].  These sweets are exchange to their friends and their family members to sharing their happiness.

But there is a business an opportunity in this Deepawali season is to make sweets and sell by unemployed women. These days most of the housewives are buying sweets from the corner shops and sharing with their neighbor, Rather than make by them.

Who’s having an experience in preparation on sweets can earn good revenue on it. There are some housewives get-together and doing this business. Most of them are earning a profit about 30% to 40% from their investment per day.

Key to be success of the sweet selling business is

  • The contacts of the customer base and the relationship maintenance.
  • Maintaining High quality on sweet productions.[Oil and % mixers ]
  • Highly experience in preparing sweets.
  • To know how to satisfy the customer needs.
  • On time delivery.
  • Order acceptance in different verities.
  • Reasonable prices
  • Value addition on their service.

Greeting card designs and new innovations on wishes designs.

Even the new technologies come in to greeting their wishes to their loves one, the greeting cards holding its potion as it. Still the people happy to see greeting cards than the SMS [Massages] or the E-mail wishes. Because everyone knew that sending messages or E-mail is a forward and it’s commonly sending. Therefore the people who get message or mails won’t happy like getting their personal greeting card.

The new businesses where the manual hand worked greeting cards are highly demand to express their wishes.

This is a good opportunities to an innovative ideas to do business. Most of the youngsters are involving in these businesses With using new technology.

Key to be success of the greeting card designs business,

  • Innovative skills.
  • Understand the need of the wishes.
  • The durability of the greeting cards.
  • Cost of the card.
  • Widely available to buy.
  • Environmental friendly material usages.

wish you all a happy Deepawali…

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