Today November 03, 2010,  the shell Gas Lanka signed an agreement with Srilankan government to sell 51% of shake for US$ 63 million. While the government gets the power of control, its change the name of Shell Gas Lanka to Litro Gas.

Litro Gas Logo

As management student I am analyzing the usefulness of the brand name changes,

The Strengths’ of the new Brand name [Litro Gas]

  • Widely distribute Litro Gas in overall Srilanka with more distributional centers,
  • New pricing strategy and possibility of reduction in Gas Prices,
  • Be monopoly distribution in Gas at affordable price,
  • Providing a better management style as the locals need,
  • New marketing strategies,
  • Loyalty service from the government services,
  • Special regulations for price setting and avoidance of less sudden price increments,

Weakness of the new Brand name [Litro Gas]

  • May incurred huge cost for new brand development.
  • Loosing of multinational brand name.
  • Loosing of better management styles [ subjective and conditions apply ]
  • High risk of competitions from the Laughs gas.
  • The relationship with the mother company of Royal shell Gas, Netherlands.
  • How the market will be react with government services,
  • How the quality of services,

But whatever it is changing of the brand name and the controls creates a hope to the people to reduction in Gas prices in soon. And if the srilankan government is hoping to serve better services to public is greatly appreciate by public.

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