The Armour Street bus stop is most famous for stopping buses for long time And make them to feel bad. Especially bus routes of 155, 176 and other long trip routes are using this bus stand for take in and out the passengers.

As a regular passenger of bus route 155, I found it’s unconvinced for all passengers; the buses are stopped for next bus to come. But I have seen there are some of advertising boards which represent their brands and their messages,

Such as Coca Cola, Airline passenger services, Airtel, Dialog and so on.

All the banners and boards are targeting to the passengers to view. But I personally felt those banners and boards are not viewed by most of the passengers.

The reason is they misplaced their advertisment. I found a unique place, which is mostly view and unuse for any businesses.

Best Place to Advertise in Armour Street

Best Place to Advertise in Armour Street

From the one side of the road to another side of the road there is an apartment. The apartment back wall is facing to the Armour Street. each and every house having windows in their back wall.

Therefore no one was trying to do an advertisement in their walls with negotiating with them. Those walls are really excellent place to be advertised a branded products which made more familiar to the brand,

Advantages of using that space,

  • Direct view to all buses which stops in Armour street bus stand. Therefore the number of viewers will be higher,
  • It may be a cheaper advertisement opportunity to follow and cost benefits
  • Easily to get thing done from the resident in the apartments
  • Using the all the available space in those full building, may lead a huge advertisement to the branded products
  • Development of the positioning image.

Problems of that advertisement

  • May be a problem to negotiate the residents
  • May replace their window by providing some additional facilities to get sun light to their homes.
  • Question of the long-term  agreement with the residents
  • If the bus route change, its became a uncover addition expenditure.

But whoever take risk enjoy benefits. Its common rule is for business.

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