Can Africa Success?

December 21, 2010


When anyone says Africa, we think the Poverty and Political Conflicts. But Africa is Icon for tourism and the wealth too. Most of the people in Africa now understand the needs of Education and Economic Development.

Education Opportunity

The Africa Continent is mostly known as black Continent of World, but most of us haven’t seen the real picture of Africa. Most of the Africans are empowering now, and re-boost their economy via the personal representation.

Most of the African Countries have natural resources in it. These recourses are attracting the foreign investments the same time Political Problems too.

The recent development in Africa is considerably better than other regions of South America. Specially the African’s are understand the needs of Educations, Empowerment of youths, Empowerment of Women and Human rights and understand the world changes.

Sad Story of African

The sad Story is where the African’s who live in Europe or USA and all over the world, is reluctant to help their home land. If the USA based Black Americans help to Africa, the Africa can be a powerful Continent in the world or at least to self sufficient their needs.

I personally feel the Black Americans or Europe based Africans are happy to enjoy their freedoms and Economic wealth, rather than help their home land to enjoy the same education and economy.

The worst case is the South Africa [one of the African Country] the country enjoying the benefits of Economic wealth and educations, But they are not support any other countries to develop educational standard or Economic achievements.

Can African Success?

My current answer is YES, if anyone asked me three month ago I might says NOT.

This is because I knew some of bright sign from Africa Development.

 This 21st century Africa can develop their self sufficiency and be leader with the educational Developments. India is a great example for Africa to Learn.

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  • Yogambikai Vijayakumar says:

    Thats a great observation, Africa for me always reminded of poverty and AIDS. But it is an undeniable fact that if the African countries are given enough help, they would emerge as one of the powerful continent. The key as said is education and social empowerment. Lets hope to see some positive changes in Africa….

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