“Smoking lead to Cancer” even it’s printed in Cigarette Packs, the total Consumers of Cigarettes are increase by year and year.

Srilankan Government introduces many regulations to reduce the Cigarette consumers, but Ceylon Tobacco is the company is always awarded’ better co-operate responsibility award’.  And The Ceylon Tobacco is the only monopoly in the market to producing Cigarettes.

Smoking and Regulations

The government was implement regulations to the Smokers, not to smoke in the Public Places. But special instructions given to hotels and restaurants, allocate separate place to smoker.

After implementations it was bit effective for short times, later smokers are freely smoke as their wish,

Designated Smoking Area

Designated Smoking Area

Designated Smoking Area

But unfortunately I have seen specific place which allocated to smokers, but most of the smokers are smoking in their table.

While asked to the owner or manager of the Restaurant, he says most of illegal Smokers or Drug users using that’s room. That’s why the restaurant management decides to close that room.

Practical Difficulty of Designated Smoking Area.

There are some practical Difficulties to implement the new systems, the better way of reducing the smokers are by increasing the taxes on cigarettes and sub drugs.

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