The resource utilization is an important activity for every organization; to achieving their financial or non financial objectives. it’s necessary to use the available resource in maximizing benefit.

From single entrepreneur to multinational organizations are use their available resources to value added to their businesses. If anyone fail to use their resources to maximize benefit, it’s because of lack of the knowledge of resource utilization or unidentified their resources correctly.

The following example is my observation, and it’s not against to any businesses.


Lack of Resource utilization

Lack of Resource utilization

The above photo I have taken in front of the Armour Street Bus stand. This is one of the bus stand, which people mostly use, for a minutes more than 300 vehicles may traveling this road. Therefore the business in this road is using their shops or show room as advertisements as well.

When I see the above mention shop I couldn’t able to see a any value addition to their display of their good.

I feel this shop has founded the value of resource but not willing to maximize it, for Support my arguments,

  • The name board of the organization and failure of maintenance.

This is a lack of resource utilization, even they understand the need of name board but reluctant to maintain. This activity may lead the consumer to feel the relevant organization’s services are not up to the standards.

  • Lack of maintenance of displays,

If you see the above photo can be understand how they display their product. This leads the customer or consumer to dissatisfied their service,

The customers should be initial attract; if the organization fails to achieve their objectives.

  • Lack of the massage given to public,

Their name board mentions they are selling the Cotto Tiles and the Cotto Sanitary ware and hardware. But as a public that was the first time I heard the name of the tiles and sanitary ware and hardware. Their marketing and the promotional activities are the lack of knowledge and lack of resource utilizations. 

  • Lack of understand of the integer designs for marketing,

The integer designs are very important to a organization to be maximize their land or building to develops as a brand name. These costs are once in happens and will leads a huge benefits to the organizations for long times.

How to maximize the resource utilizations

  • Initial attractiveness to the consumers.

The initial attractiveness will help for an organization to create a new profitable customer based. Most of the businesses are very careful about their front line office or customer care officers. Because it’s one of the a critical success factor for them. 

  • Well maintain displays and the integer designs

The displays and the integer designs are very important to attract the customer to made initial impression about the product or service and organization. Specially integer designs are huge participation of the better display tracts in practices.

  • Spend a bit of money to initial impression and the attracting new customers.

 These expenses are long-term investment in promotion activities. This will help for maximizing the resource unitizations and maximizing profit making abilities to the organization.


 It’s important to organization to be providing a good service to the customer and value added their purchases and be value for money.

 If not all theses marketing expense are valueless…

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