Laugfs Gas Limited listed in Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE] today as First day. Laugfs Gas Limited issued 75 million voting ordinary shares at Rs. 23 each and the shares are oversubscribed by 20.2 times.

Is LAUGFS Makes CRY short term Investors?

Today most of the Laugfs Gas Limited investors [short term] are expecting a higher opening price, likely double the rate [RS.46] of share value [Rs.23]. Most of the investors argued similarities of the opening day of ODEL and today’s Laugfs.

But from the opening, all the short term investors’ are understood their short term expectation won’t satisfy today.

Can Smile?

Only argument to smile the Laugfs Gas Limited investors are, the total share volume trade today is 30.81 million. Therefore it’s acceptable most of the investors are holding their shares for long term perspective than a short term. Therefore there will be a good future for Laugfs Gas Limited [expected] in long term or immediate medium term.

Is it possible to Laugh?

There is a good enough possibility to laugh. The investors who holding the shares for long term, the argument is, most of the companies long term performance is good if compare the initial listed day.

And the share market is not a casino to see immediate money, if anyone use it as casino it will take back all like cash generate as like casino.

Therefore be professional and be use share market as a capital investment market. Therefore share market won’t cheat anyone any more.

As warren buffett says” feel share market as your friend”

As per My perspective

Laugfs Gas Limited listed

Today- short term investors – CRY

Medium term- the investors who not willing to sell in Medium Term- SMILE,

Long term- investors who are look for long term – LAUGH.

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