Revolutions mean a fundamental changes or structural changes.

Every individual should have a skill of be differentiating form others, the individual who think differently are only, achieve their targets or objectives.

Individual characteristic for revolutions

  • Better inter personal skill

The interpersonal skill is made differentiate each others,

Such as the way of speck, way of behave.

  • Vision and objective

The individual should have a vision and objectives to achieve. The individuals should adopt the uncertainty and developed his or her objectives.

  • Direct view

The person should have a direct view in every activity he or she carried out. They should know about the clear focus in their future.

  • Supportive

The individuals should be supportive of any actions carried out by his follows or team member. Specially he or she should develop his skill as mentor for them.

  • Educate and communication

The individuals should communicate easily and educate others what he know,

  • Positive thinking

The individuals should have a positive thinking; the positive thinking is feels, the impossible targets also to be possible.

  • Planning

The individuals should have a planning skill; most of the successful leaders are allocate their 5% of their time to be planning their actions.

  • Self motivations

The self motivation is important to developed his or her personal charismatic to develop,

Telling his or herself i am the winner. I am the champion.

  • Understanding the failure

To understanding failure means know the possibilities of failures and the acceptability of failures.

Most of the leaders who achieve their objectives have most of the above skills, everyone knew their future is different from others, because they think differently and act differently.

Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Che, Ambani, Joseph Stalin, APJ Abdul Kalam, Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein and so on…

Therefore individual revolution is an important to,the individual who want to be different.

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