16th December 2010, Board of Directors of Panasian Power Limited announced the allotment of share as follows,

Basis Allotments for Employees 100% [15% of total Issued Shares]

Basis Allotments for Public

Applications upto and inclusive of 25,000100%
Applications over 25,000 sharesMinimum allotment of 25,000 plus 5.558719% of the shares applied over and above the 25,000 shares round to the nearest 100 shares. 

For example

Who applied for 10,000 shares will get total of 10,000 shares

Who applied for 30,000 shares will get as

                        25,000 + [5,000 * 5.558719%] = 25,278 shares.

Round nearest 100 as, 25,300 shares.

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