As everyone expected the Price of PC House Voting share arise rapidly yesterday and Day before yesterday. Which was reaches the all the time highest of Rs 16.80 of PC House trading History. As everyone see there is enough possibility to happening a manipulations and generated quick short term Profits by Manipulators.

Therefore the Colombo Stock Exchange has applied the 10% price band to PC House Voting shares. This Band implemented from 05.01.2011. To 26.01.2011.

This band will allow the market to be Perform Up site or Down site by 10% from the previous day Closing Price.

For example PC house pervious day Price closed at Rs. 16.10. The Trading range can be a range of Rs 14.50 – Rs.17.70. today the Market Close at Down by 10% & closed at Rs.14.50

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“Until you feel market as friend, you can’t get anything from Him or her”       

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