Dividend announcement

LANKEM CEYLON PLC [LCEY] announced Interim dividend of Rs.1 per share. This dividend announced for the financial year of 2010/2011.

Company further says the payment will be on 09th February 2011.

About the company

LANKEM CEYLON PLC established in 1964 and quoted on the year of 1970. Their natures of businesses are importers and Distributers of chemicals, namely agro- chemicals, industrial chemical, bituminous products, consumer products and paints.

The company is very well established and developed in industry in Srilanka.

Dividend Announcement and CSE trend


Today lankem share market starts at Rs. 294.50 and reaches all the time high of Rs. 316.60 after the announcement of interim dividend.  As per CSE sources in the image clearly explain the growth of share price from the dividend announcement.

The dividend announcement is May not to affect the share market trends but it’s made a confidence of future development.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/welcome.htm

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