Laugfs Gas Ltd announced in CSE, the Laugfs Gas Ltd Decided to invest Rs.500 Million in Mini Hydro power Projects.

This Hydro Power projects will fully own subsidiary of Laugfs Gas Ltd. This Project will be carried out at Ranmudu Oya , in Imbulpe Pradeshlyasaba in Balangoda.

Diversification and Share market reactions

This announcement made By Laugfs Gas, soon after their First Announcement of Laugfs Bharat Cutting Gas.

These kinds of new news will keep more confident to the investors that Laugfs Gas investment is one of the good decision they made.

 The share prices also to be gradually increasing from the Points of Announcements.  So we can expect some other good news from Laugfs Gas as well.

As I said in my first Article about Laugfs Gas share Prices, this is the time for Smile.


“As per My perspective

Laugfs Gas Limited listed

Today- short term investors – CRY [Past]

Medium term- the investors who not willing to sell in Medium Term- SMILE [Now],

Long term- investors who are look for long term – LAUGH.”

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