28th January 2011, the Royal Ceramics (Lanka) PLC and Mr.K.N.Dhammika Perera announced a Mandatory Offer to Purchase remaining ordinary shares of Hayleys PLC

Stake of Mandatory Offer to by Hayleys PLC

27th January 2011, Royal Ceramic purchases 161,272 shares at the Price of Rs.380.00 per share. By full filling of 30% of shares held, therefore the offeror should make a Mandatory offer to Purchase the Balance 52,489,773 shares issued by Hayleys at the price of Rs. 380.00 per share.

NameDateNo of Ordinary SharesPercentage
Royal Ceramics (lanka) Plcas at 26th January 20112,788,1613.7175%
27th January 2011161,272 0.2150%
Mr.K.N.Dhammika Pereraas at 26th January 201119,003,92825.3380%
LB Finance PLCas at 26th January 2011547,8660.7304%
Total Holding22,501,227 30.0000%

CSE trend

Even the Document published in Colombo Stock exchange at the time of 16.22 on 28/01/2011.

The Market closed the 28th January 2011 at the Price of Rs. 395.00 per shares. Therefore no one will sell their shares at the price of Rs. 380 per share, to compel the offer.

But there is possible increment shows in Hayleys PLC share price on Monday. The trend may have a chance to continue till about 1 to 2 weeks.

My Expectations

As I hear about Mr.K.N.Dhammika Perera, there will be good profits and capital gains can be expected by investors for all the periods of short, medium and long terms.

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