As a small investor I brought some of Nawaloka PLC shares and waiting for some movements in prices. But I always feel the company is performing lower than I expect.

The real performance

One of my relations was admitted to Nawaloka hospital last week for an operation. So I went frequently, so I had a chance to see the population within the hospital and packed vehicle.

As per I see the hospital performance and the number of staffs serving I personally feels that my investment is good and it will grow feather.

Chairman of Nawaloka Hospitals

Chairman of Nawaloka Hospitals

Nawaloka is Hotel or hospital                               

While the time I feel Nawaloka losing their focus on the health care service, because I always tell my friends Nawaloka Hospital [NH] is not a hospital it’s a Nawaloka Hotel [NH].

Quality Policy of Nawaloka Hospitals

Quality Policy of Nawaloka Hospitals

Because I felt the foods and room cleaners are doing their jobs on time, but doctors and medical officers will not comes at time. So I always refer Nawaloka hospital is a hotel.

Beyond my believes

I believe Nawaloka Hospital overcomes their limitations and provides verity of services developed their brands feather in health care services.

So I believe my investment will grow slowly…

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