Nestle Lanka PLC announced the Interim Dividend of Rs. 12 per Share. The Announcement have made today in CSE. Its further stays this dividend for financial year of 2010. And the payment will be on 31st January 2011.

Today’s market

Nestle Dividend Announcement10.01.2011

Nestle Dividend Announcement10.01.2011

The market starts the Prices of Rs.648.30 and Close for the day as Rs.682.20. the share price increase by 5.23%. And the day ranges of Rs.675.00 to Rs.715.00.

Dividend and market reaction

The Dividend is approximately 1.76% of the share value [Closed Value]. It seems to be enjoying the Capital gain is better than the Dividend which announcement for Investor.

Therefore the Dividend announcement won’t affect the market to be changes in prices rather than it Performance.

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