Tomorrow 27th January 2011, the PC House PLC 10% price band will be removing for trading. It means the PC House PLC share prices can be varying accordance to demand and supply of PC House PLC share.

As per My little knowledge the PC House PLC growing continually. There was some of downwards and the upwards in the market. But still the prices are going up further as per demand of the shares by the investors.

PC House PLC

PC House PLC

Today performance

Even today 26th January 2011, the PC House PLC share Price is open at the price of Rs. 23.20 and close at Rs. 25.50. This is about 9.91% Increment from the opening price.

My expectation of PC House PLC tomorrow

I am expecting the PC house may show a more than 15% to 20% price increment tomorrow in CSE.

But this performance will be only certain level and I personally expect a market correct soon in Colombo Stoke Exchange [CSE].

Therefore my advice for the investor is to be carefully monitoring the market and be ready for the any changes [risks] in anytime.






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