ULFA is one of terrorist group in India. Even through India is a one the largest republic country, its facing so many problems from the terrorist around the India.

How do I got this book

Recently I renew my Library membership Colombo Public Library. So I try to find some books to lend from library. Its take almost 2 days to read and finish this book [approximately 4 hours].

Book Review

ULFA: Oor Arimugam is one of the Kizhakku Publication book written by R. Muthukumar.

The book Constance of 11 chapters with page counts of 118. Books printed price is Indian Rupees of 60.

This book shows me a real picture of the ULFA and their activities. It’s says ULFA’s motivations, activities, their trainings and foreign policies. The writer talks more about the ULFA terrorism and political involvements with Bhutan and Bangladesh.

These books help the readers to understand the basic of ULFA and the activities.

For me

This book was value for me of reading time of 4 hours altogether. Compare to the other activities I do; this value added me more than 100%.

 Handoff to writer to made the books to be interesting.

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