Amaya Leisure PLC

Amaya Leisure PLC


The Amaya Leisure PLC announced to Colombo Stock Exchange, the first Interim Dividend of Rs.6.00 per share.

The interim dividend is for the financial Year of 2010/2011. The Ex dividend date will be 1st March 2011 and the payment will be made by 10th March 2011.

About the Amaya Leisure PLC

The Amaya Leisure PLC established on 1981 and quoted on CSE at 1996. The company is in the business of hotelier.

Share Price and Dividend

The shares are traded in CSE at the ranges of Rs.120.00 to Rs.124.00. the Dividend of the Rs.6.00 is a good dividend for the shareholders. While the company announced dividend the company made the short term investment of 49 Million.

And the current Net Assets per share is about the 37.59 as per last quarter report published,

The Amaya Leisure PLC looks forward to a better future of business on behalf of the shareholders.


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