Business Process Reengineering (BPR)


This is a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of the business process to achieve a grammatical improvement of cost, quality and Performance.

This concept involves improving the exiting process grammatically to generate a radical result(such a new developments).

Development of BPR

  1. Identifies the process to reengineer
  2. Developed  a process vision and objective
  3. Link parallel activities
  4. Identifies exiting process and improvements
  5.  Developed a proto type to ensure successful performance.

Advantages of BPR

  1. This will enable the organization to enjoy the competitive advantage
  2. Improve the level of performance.
  3. Improve the creativity and innovation procedures.
  4. Improve customer satisfaction level
  5. Adopting the emergent strategy decision making.

Limitations of BPR

  1. Negatively influence customer reaction and customer service.
  2. May not suited for all industry for a radical redesign
  3. May negatively influence core competence of the business
  4. May ignore the staffs reactions and emotions
  5. May high costly.
  6. May lead to lack of focusing the customer needs

One thought on “Business Process Reengineering (BPR)”

  1. National markets are held together by shared values and confidence in certain minimum standards. But in the new global market, people do not yet have that confidence.

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