Hambanthota International Airport Project is a 2nd international Airport in Srilanka, it launched by HE the President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Friday, 27th November 2009.

The HIA project budgeted US$ 200 Million with the financial assistance of Chinese Government.  The HIA will be constructed in 2,000 Hectares in Mattala, Hambanthota, Srilanka.

Hambanthota International Airport-

Hambanthota International Airport-

Project Stages

The Hambanthota International Airport projects undertake in 2 steps,

 Step 1 initial Development

Basic Aerodrome Facility, Runway, Apron, Taxi way, Passenger and cargo terminals and necessary internal developments.

Step 2 Second Stage Development

Development of support services such as,

Parallel taxi way, flying schools, hotels and residential facilities and so on.

Theme of Hambanthota International Airport

  • Eco Airport – preserves the exiting environment and creates better environment surroundings of Airport.
  • At least 15% of Energy will derived from renewable sources, such as bio mass, solar and wind power.

Goals of the Hambanthota International Airport

  • To provide an alternative services to BIA.
  • Enhance economic activities in the regions,
  • Create more employments for skill and semi skill labors.
  • Improve infrastructure in the region.

Target market and benefiting community

Target Markets

  • Airline passenger service and Air cargo services to the southern part of Srilanka.
  • Aircraft maintenances,
  • Aviation trainings,
  • Hospitality service industry,
  • Private flight services,

Benefiting community of HIA

  • Business entities
  • new employment opportunity,
  • improve infrastructure facilities in the region,
  • upliftment of education in region.



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