Asiri Hospital Holdings

Asiri Hospital Holdings




Today 2nd February 2011, the Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC announced Colombo Stock Exchange that 94, 028, 055 shares have accept to sell their shares at the Price of Rs. 9.00.  

As per Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC announced today

 No of shares Percentage 
Acceptance of the offer have been received            94,028,055 10.57% 
Held by Softlogic holdings limited and parties acting in concert with the offeror before the offer period          323,858,475 36.42% 
Acquired During the offer Period            41,769,190 5% 


Softlogic holdings limited ownership as at 1st December 2010

As per the announcement made by Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC on 1st December 2010, the Softlogic holdings limited hold 30.23% of Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC.  

The Company feather says

Name of OfferorDate of PurchaseNo of Ordinary sharesPercentage 
Softlogic Holdings LimitedPrior to 30.11.2010       179,021,20020.13%
Softlogic Holdings Limited30.11.2010         89,787,00510.10%
Total        268,808,205 30.23%


The owned parties acting in concert with Softlogic holdings limited as follows,

Name of the companyNo of sharesPercentage
Softlogic Communications (Pvt) Ltd           2,040,5800.23%
Softlogic Trading (Pvt) Ltd         24,141,7402.71%
Softlogic International (Pvt) Ltd         28,867,9503.25%
Total         55,050,2706.19%


Therefore the Total shares held by offeror is 323,858,475 and the percentage of 36.42%  

 Mandatory offer

 Softlogic holdings limited offer to purchase all remain 565,404,575 ordinary shares [63.58%] of Asiri Hospital Holdings PLC at the price of Rs.9.00 per share.  


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