Are you Mad???

March 10, 2011
Are You Mad ???

Are You Mad ???

2 days ago, when I travel to office in the morning I had a chance to meet a different personality, or the person who made me to think differently,

On that day, morning about 7.45 Am; I took the Bus route 155 my nearest Bus hold. As usual the 155 bus was fully crowed nearest to our bus hold. Cause of the crowed, I force to travel in footboard.

The before the next hold we met the junction which having a signal, normally the workers near to the places are get down from the signal and going for their works. As usual that day also some of the travellers are get down from the bus, when the bus stopped in signal.

I was in the Bus footboard; so I be careful in not to miss the bus. But the same times I gave space to the people who gets down, a man was trying to getting down when the signal was in the green and he ask me to give a space too,

I refuse to give space and suddenly asked “Are u mad to asking me to give space when signal is on?” while I speak my friend, I used to say are u mad (Oya pisutha?). It does continue there as well, without my intention.

The answer he says is shocking to me, that he says “yes, I am, and all are “and look at me as an innocent. After sometime I feel sad for scolding an innocent, but I thought; what he told? and what did he mean? While I reach office, I couldn’t find the reason for that answer.

Still I can’t get the point what he is mean?

The answer can be critically analysis in the entire manner, because all of us having some kind of madness, but most of us think we are perfect, but we are mixed with madness, foolish, brilliants, sensitive and all other.

After that incident I try to avoid asking “Are you Mad?” Even from friends.

My personal Diary (Tamil Diary) 08th March 2011, 7.45 am to 8.15 am

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