Dipped Products PLC

Dipped Products PLC

March 14, 2011 the Dipped Products PLC announced the Interim Dividend of Rs.1.50 per share. This interim dividend is for the financial year of 2010/2011.

The company further says Ex Dividend date will be 23rd March 2011 and the payment will be on 30th March 2011.

About the Dipped Products PLC

The Dipped Products PLC is in the business of Manufacturer of Latex Industrial & Household Gloves, Latex thread and the Plantation management.

Company address


Hayleys Building, 400, Deans Road,Colombo10.

Telephone : 011 – 2683964 | Fax : 11-2699018
Email : postmast@dplgroup.com | Web Site : www.dplgroup.com

Source: http://www.cse.lk/companiesprofile/announcments.htm?id=399&symbol=DIPD.N0000

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