KFC Home Delivery

KFC Home Delivery

Recently KFC introduce Home delivery service to their consumers. The Service Hotline is 0115 532 532. The Number of 532 is simply indicating KFC as Mobile keypad.  Therefore remembering the Number is very easy as 0115 KFC KFC.

As per the counter staff says, it will take about half an hour to deliver it within Colombo. In overall this is a great benefit for the people who would like to enjoy their meals from their home.

KFC Home Deliver [ No Need to park at our own Risk ]

KFC Home Deliver

Benefit of Home Delivery

For the Customers

  • Avoiding waiting time in KFC to buy foods,
  • Time save of traveling
  • Flexibility
  • Buying depend on their budget [ Purchasing power]
  • Will quicker than going outlets


For the KFC

  • Targeting new customer group.
  • Cost benefit
  • Avoiding too much crowed in KFC outlets
  • Manageable Customer Groups
  • New value added services
  • Attract consumers to keep touch with KFC [0115 KFC KFC]

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  • imran says:

    till what time do they deliver? is it like a 24 hour service or do they have deadlines?

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Imran,
      KFC introduce this Facility as a Value Added service, the Service is Provided by Free of Charge.
      The Delivery time will be 10.30 am to 10.30 pm. And the Delivery will take approximately 30 Minutes from Order time.
      Currently KFC Introduce in Kotahena and Rajagiriya.
      And the facility will be expand in soon time,

      Thanks n best regards,

    • priyantha says:

      food is so bad,chicken biryani 240rs there is so dry cant eat its so bad . even my dog also didnt eat. in jawatha branch service also bad, this is the wayyou serve to peopel,

      • prasanna says:

        Dear Priyantha,
        Thanks a lot for your feedback, I feel the KFC Chicken Biryani is Good customer Satisfied product of KFC. This KFC Chicken Biryani Srilankan Custom Product by KFC,
        If you have any idea to make better, you can suggest to KFC and Improve the Standard of KFC Chicken Biryani.
        Thanks n best Regards,

  • dylan says:

    any idea about when the delivery service will expand to nugegoda ?? 🙂 ..

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Dylan,
      i hope there are going to expand soon future. 🙂

      because the Delivery services are very much attractive by Consumers,

  • nirman says:

    any idea about when the delivery done to Malabe city?

    • prasanna says:

      as per my knowledge they introduce above 2 places, but they may deliver to your place if you ordered(if they accept only).

      better you try and see the above number,

  • shanaz says:

    is the menu list same? or any special? how about the delivery to demetagoda? is it possible , Sundays and poya days can we accept a delivery.

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Shanaz,
      Yesterday KFC opens its 3rd Delivery services form Majestic City,
      With Kotahena, Rajagiriya and Majestic City they manage to deliver all over the Colombo area and deliver most of their products.
      They do delivery Sundays and Poya Days as well,
      For more information:
      Kotahena KFC Tel No: 011 2 399970

  • ramiz says:

    can we order from mabole….

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Ramiz,
      That depend on their Service, you can dial their number and asked about will they deliver to your locations.
      Sometimes they do delivery,

  • Dilush DJ says:

    Hi wil u charge any delivery charges? (Its depends on city or same charges for all the cities?)

    • prasanna says:

      Hi Dilush,
      There are no Additional changers for Delivery service, but the delivery items are specifies (not as the whole Menu the offers in Outlets)

  • Deepika De Silva says:

    It is the right time to comply with the new Food Packaging materials regulation of Sri Lanka which is imposed from July 1st 2011 as most of your packing material of food products especiaaly the Rice packed directly in regiform boxe do not corry Works “For Food Use” or the rquired Symbol.We hope you will ensure the food safety .

  • R M says:

    when will delivery start frm jawatha road… or colombo 5 ..?

  • R M says:

    on delivery can v pay wid hsbc card …(promotion) if on thursday

  • Eranga says:

    can we order from RAGAMA

  • Afzal says:

    They don’t deliver to ragama but they deliver up to kandana from Ja-ela KFC..

  • shazna says:

    nyc service 🙂

  • daniyal says:

    you guys give the worst delivery services because last night i ordered a snacker and a chicken popcorn . we ordered it at 7.30pm and you brought it to us at 8.45!. actually my dad got
    pissed off and cancelled the order at 8.45. PIZZA HUT IS THE BEST OF ALL IT COMES IN EXACTLY 30 MINUTES . DON’T COPY PIZZA HUT BUY BRINGING IT TO THE PEOPLE WITHIN 30 MINUTES . i went to bangkok, Malaysia and hong kong on august and KFC was the BEST EVER!!!!!!. AND IN SRILANKA KFC IS THE WORST!!!!!. ALL THE OTHER FOOD CENTERS ARE GOOD EXCEPT KFC. i must have been realy harsh on you but kfc food is very tasty!

  • kemster says:

    oh my god kfc is he best . best best best !!!!!!!!. snacker is he best type

  • kemster says:

    try to make your delivery services faster OK !

    • anita says:

      Good service, but please consider the foll:

      Try to include fries too when you deliver. Or is it because when fries get cold they are not tasty?

      Why have a minimum order ampunt of Rs 300 for delivery? Especially if you have to deliver just down the road from your outlet.

      • Prasanna says:

        hi Anita,
        as u says the reason for not to deliver the fries is its life time is 5 to 10 minutes, where its lot s of time to home delivery, therefore KFC is avoiding it.
        and there is not Minimum Amount for Delivery order, you can order what you wish.

        Best regards,

  • Haily says:

    Is it free? can i get it to mt.lavinia?

    • Satheesh says:

      It is said that the delivery time starts from 10:30am. But today (05/05/2013)I was trying to call and order some meals from 10:40am to 11:00am, but no one responded to my call. (Tried in 3 languages as well)

      I had to order the lunch for around 25 people. But i could not make it, & finally I ordered another place where they deliver to our door step. I was very disappointed on this.

  • gimhani says:

    is it possible to piliyandala?

  • wicky says:

    is it possible to deliver to borelasgamuwaa??

  • Blahgighan says:

    Seriously though… Since you guys are delivering you might want to pick up the pace.. You’ll take ages to send the food over,, If you’re doing something do it right, or dont do it at all.. Pizza Hut for a classic example, spot on time delivery.. Pick it up KFC 🙂

  • bhagya says:

    hi guys plz if u can deliver crushdy shake it will be better u guys also doing well the dilivery thank u to all,kissss

  • madi says:

    is the twister out of order??? for how long??? I miss it!! it was my favorite one.. 🙁

  • batchi says:

    god they dont accept credit cards ( other than MC and kotahena) dont know their payment, delivery policies.pls train your staff. Improve your delivery system. Wat a horrible experience.

    • prasanna says:

      Hi Batchi,
      Thanks for your suggestions, Service Industry in Srilanka is developing, therefore KFC is also developing their Skills by Step by Steps.

  • kassy says:

    I don’t know abt others but the kiribathgoda branch gives a super service comparing to pizza hut which takes almost 1.30 h to deliver to my place KFC delivers in 20-25 mins..great work guys..keep it up!

  • thahani says:

    Does the Majestic City branch have delivery? n even if its juz 1 zinger burger does KFC deliver or does it have to be above certain price?

  • Sujith says:

    can I order from overseas to deliver to a Sri Lankan address in Mt -Lavinia ?

  • fazil says:

    normally how far can u deliver from the outlets…

  • kasun says:

    could we use gift vouchers as the delivery payment?

  • Isuru says:

    Hi, I’m a regular customer of KFC. Most of time I used to buy Chicken Biriyani large, but the quantity is very poor. Rice is not enough for even a 10year old boy. After charging Rs.240, i guess it should consist with more rice & gravy. In other countries they don’t do like this.
    So pls be fare to customers, coz u don’t cost Rs.100 for this type of rice.

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Isuru,
      as per my knowledge they have done a servery and estimate the quantity of rice, while its not enough for some one due to their hunger,

      while the message is communicated,

      Best Regards,

  • Noor says:

    Are you delivering katugasthotta area?

  • Viraj says:

    To Mr. Prasanna:
    I just called kfc delivery service and found out that u only deliver 4km radius. Im in Biyagama and the nearest kfc is at kiribathgoda which is 8.5kms…
    If u can’t even deliver that much far please stop saying that u deliver and say instead u throw ur food items from ur outlet so the people around 4km radius can catch them.

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Viraj,
      this is 3rd party articles, we post an article about the service only. and i hope they do good service and the same time its may depend on their policies.

      Best Regards,

  • udula says:

    do they deliver in the kandy branch????

  • braden says:

    ul suck dnt unswr i cld u on poya day

  • udula says:

    whats the radius

  • afzal says:

    its 8minute ride from the outlet(3km to 5km)

  • Bilal says:

    Your fried rice is just awesome, i am from pakistan and i just loved your fried rice and gravy. But as someone said above the quantity is not sufficient. Hope when KFC done a survey next time they will do something about it. 🙂

  • Johnny says:

    when requesting for delivery do KFC only accept cash, or else credit card. like some other food chain resturant does as an value added service to its customers.

    My location is dehiwala does the delivery range include dehiwala.

  • dilinie says:

    can we oder online??

  • Sam says:

    Do KFC deliver to kottawa?

  • wasim says:

    i ordered a delivery 2 kirulapone, timing was gud, bt dey chargd 150 bucks 4 delivery, wich s unreasonable, this matter has to be resolved as soon as possible.

  • AJ says:

    Do you take online orders? I live in US and want to place an on line order for delivery in Colombo-5.

  • Anita says:

    Do you charge Rs. 150 for delivery regardless of the location? This is what I was told when I called.
    The male who answered was very rude as well. I was not even making a fuss, merely asking if it’s Rs 150 flat rate, when he said that I don’t understand, that is the way it’s done.

    When I asked if the submarine was foot long or six-inch submarine he asked me, “What do you mean footlong? large means the biggest submarine you can get!”
    He was so rude that I cancelled my order and ordered KFC instead!!

  • Anita says:

    Do you charge Rs. 150 for delivery regardless of the location? This is what I was told when I called.
    The male who answered was very rude as well. I was not even making a fuss, merely asking if it’s Rs 150 flat rate, when he said that I don’t understand, that is the way it’s done.

    When I asked if the submarine was foot long or six-inch submarine he asked me, “What do you mean footlong? large means the biggest submarine you can get!”
    He was so rude that I cancelled my order and ordered Pizza Hut instead!!

  • Hi this any item can u sand this my email address ok

  • Mish says:

    What the hell is this? Shit!!! I’m from kilonnawa, i have orded food from kfc more than 18 times, i got de food on time, today i called ,, then they saying i’m not registerd, so they puted ma call to rajagiriya branch, after that ragagiriya person answerd and he said wait i’ll give it to delivery manegar then manegr saying sorry sir we couldn’t delivery to kolonnawa but we can delivery near to kolonnawa foodcity, then i said i have delivery to ma home mor than 10 15 times and in kolonnawa foodcity to my home there are 100 m only, but he saying sorry we can’t !!!! Then i said ok then delevery near to foodcity afterthat i’ll go and pick it!! Then maneger saying then ‘ok sir call to delivery number and order’ whats this ha? More than 18 minuts i’m in de call, i scolded him and cut de call, this is not good way to deliver, forst learn how to win coustomers saticfaction!! There are nothing!! Blody!!!! 65 rupees my cll bill,

  • Vijith says:

    The Manager,

    I am working in abroad.

    Can I give an order from on line.

    I can pay from my credit card.


    Contact no. 0097474036371

  • Senaka Kumarasinghe says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is there any plan to locate KFC outlet to Nittambuwa


  • Dinu says:

    I was on gold for about 10 mins the first the second time for 30 mins but no agent representative answered that is a very bad service and can’t there be an official kfc site where we can order online? It’s annoying to on hold for such a long time

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