KFC Home Delivery

KFC Home Delivery

Recently KFC introduce Home delivery service to their consumers. The Service Hotline is 0115 532 532. The Number of 532 is simply indicating KFC as Mobile keypad.  Therefore remembering the Number is very easy as 0115 KFC KFC.

As per the counter staff says, it will take about half an hour to deliver it within Colombo. In overall this is a great benefit for the people who would like to enjoy their meals from their home.

KFC Home Deliver [ No Need to park at our own Risk ]

KFC Home Deliver

Benefit of Home Delivery

For the Customers

  • Avoiding waiting time in KFC to buy foods,
  • Time save of traveling
  • Flexibility
  • Buying depend on their budget [ Purchasing power]
  • Will quicker than going outlets


For the KFC

  • Targeting new customer group.
  • Cost benefit
  • Avoiding too much crowed in KFC outlets
  • Manageable Customer Groups
  • New value added services
  • Attract consumers to keep touch with KFC [0115 KFC KFC]

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