Renuka Holding PLC

Renuka Holding PLC

The Renuka Holding PLC acquires 61.78% the Shaw Wallace Marketing Ltd for a consideration of Rs. 368,000,000.00

The Shaw Wallace Marketing Ltd engage the distributions of Consumer goods of

  • Captain
  • Angler
  • Plaza canned Fish
  • Ranposha Cereal Mix
  • Sun gold instant Drink Mixes
  • Rainer’s Essences
  • Ajinamoto
  • Supermax
  • Lockheed

By acquire the Shaw Wallace Marketing Ltd the Renuka Holding PLC becomes Sub Subsidiary of the following Shaw Wallace Marketing Ltd,

  • Healthcare Products (Pvt) Ltd     –  Engage in Food manufacturing
  • Shaw Wallace Service Ltd             – providing Management Services
  • Shaw Lanka Tours (Pvt) Ltd.        – Travel Agents

The Acquisition does not inclusive of the Shaw Wallace & Hedges PLC who is an Investment Company.

The Acquisition was concluded today Wednesday 16th March 2011 Whereby the Shaw Wallace Marketing Ltd becomes a Subsidiary of Renuka Holding PLC.


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