Watapota Investment PLC

Watapota Investment PLC

Today Guardian Capital Partners PLC (earlier Known as Watapota Investment PLC) faces a huge downwards of the share prices. Its reduce Rs.1400.00 to Rs.196.00. this indicated as 83.15% of Price reduction (Rs.1164.10) from the opening price.

The reason for the Price reduction is, the rights of 25,162,800 Ordinary shares were listed in CSE today. These rights were issued at the proposition of 75 rights for 2 every share held.

To compare with the number of rights and the price reduction of today is acceptable, and I believe the prices may have a chance to come further down and settle a price.

Source: http://www.cse.lk/companyprofile/home.htm?id=533


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  • can anybody please explain what will happen to existing share holders who purchased 1 share at Rs. 1400/=. Is there any possibility to increase the price up to above level or will it remains long time at very lower rate i.e 250/= per share

    29th March 2011

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Sanjeewa,
      For the last quarter highest prices was Rs.10, 012.50. But after the rights issue announcement the prices are continually reduce.
      After the Right announcement the Share price should valued of Rs.260 to Rs.280 per share. But currently it’s trading at Rs.319.60.
      You can wait for sometimes to recover the loss. But it will take some times.
      Check the share price trend here http://www.cse.lk/companyprofile/historicalprices.htm?id=533

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