National Lanka Finance PLC

National Lanka Finance PLC

Investor Access Equities (Pvt) Ltd offers a Mandatory offer to buy the remaining Ordinary voting shares (39,972,100 [28.56%]) of National Lanka Finance PLC at Rs.5.00 each.

11th March 2011 the Investor Access Equities (Pvt) Ltd purchase 70 Million shares at Private Placement at a price of Rs.5.00 each. The 70 Million shares constituted approximately 50.01% of the shares issued by National Lanka Finance PLC.

It became obligatory to purchase all remaining share at the higher price paid by the offeror and the parties concert with the offeror.

NamedateNo of sharespercentage
Investor Access Equities (Pvt) ltd11th March 201170,000,00050.01%
Nawaloka Construction (Pvt) Ltd11th March 201114,000,00010.00%
Mr. J Rudra11th March 201116,000,00011.43%
Total 100,000,00071.44%



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