Colombo Airport lottery

Colombo Airport lottery

In my recent visit to India, I had a chance to see the big foolish lottery in the Colombo International Airport.

The lottery was call as Colombo Airport Supper Draw, which is US$ 50 lottery and the person who wins will owns BMW 523i.

I felt there are some foolish businessmen are buying this lottery and waiting for win the BMW car.

The better investment or expenditure for that US$ 50

The US$ 50 will be more or less to Rs.5500. which is enough for them do,

  • Provide 55 lunches to the elders home or the Hospitals,
  • Provides 550 glass milks to the school children child homes,
  • Provide a small birthday party to their friends,
  • Buy some good shares form Colombo Stock Exchange
  • Deposit to their bank and enjoy 8% interest on it,
  • Or as they want to be.

Other than those if they just buy a lottery ticket, they will end up to a great foolish list prepared by the lottery board.

This is just my observation

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