Small Businesses in India

Small Businesses in India

India is a great country to learn about the business and the emergent strategies. In every street you can see small shops in doing business, the business can be any forms, but as a Management student I learned a lot of business ideas from them.

Most of the shops are season businesses. especially India is a hot country therefore most of the shops selling watermelon, Apple juice, orange juice and so on.

street side food shops india

street side food shops india

As per my Observation the small business man who sells the fruit juices will earn more than INR.2000 per day. As per my assume they sell about 100 juices at the Price of INR.20.00

If we do small calculations about his monthly income n expenses we feel that what we work for others is useless and emerged us to starts the small business.

Small calculation about their income and expenses of Small business

He or she may sell 100 juices at INR 20 the earning per day will be INR.2, 000

If we think they work for 20 days per month their income is INR.40, 000.

If we reduce half the money as their cost of sale balance INR.20, 000 will be in hand as profit.

For a small Indian family INR.20, 000 may be much enough to survive.

Its Depend on the Location.


That why Dr.Abdul Kalam says youths to Dream about the 2020 India. When all the youths are dreaming about the business, this will help India to Reach the Abdul Kalam’s dreams.

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