Ceylon Cold Stores PLC Elephant House

Ceylon Cold Stores PLC Elephant House

Today 03rd June 2011, Ceylon Cold Stores PLC announced further detail of Rights Issue and the Subdivisions. Such as,

Right Issue

 The Rights of 1 share for every 10 shares held; will be issued at the price of Rs.300.00 each. The Ceylon Cold Stores PLC offered 2,160,000 Ordinary shares as Rights.

General Meeting & Provisional Allotment:30th June 2011
Ex Rights date:1st July 2011
Dispatch of provisional Letter of Allotment:7th July 2011
Rights Trading Commences:13th July 2011
Renunciation:21st July 2011
Last date of Acceptance & Payment:22nd July 2011.


EGM:30th June 2011
Subdivision based on the shareholding as at end of trading on:12th August 2011
Period of Dealing Suspension (Both days Inclusive):15th to 17th August 2011.
Date of Commencement of trading:18th August 2011.


Source: http://www.cse.lk/companiesprofile/announcments.htm?id=426&symbol=CCS.N0000


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