Textured Jersey Lanka Limited

Textured Jersey Lanka Limited

The Textured Jersey Lanka Limited published their Prospectus, Applications and the Articles of Associations on Colombo Stock Exchange Website.

The Textured Jersey Lanka Limited is offer for subscribed 80 Million Ordinary Voting shares at Rs.15.00 Each.

Textured Jersey Lanka Limited IPO Objectives

The Textured Jersey Lanka Limited IPO is plan to raise Rs.1.20 Billion and the following Objectives as per Prospectus

  • Construct Modern Production Facility Rs.344 Million
  • The company expects to constructs a modern Productions facility at a cost of Rs.344 Million (US$3.20 Million). The facility will be a line with the international Accepting Quality standards.

  • Improvement of Production Facilities Rs.1 Billion
  • The Company expected to utilize to purchase Knitting Machines, Preparation machines, dyeing and finishing machines and improve the infrastructure of the Facility house.

  • Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Facility Rs.82 Million
  • The company expects to invest Rs.82 Million on the environmental friendly procedures of the infrastructure. This will be utilizing for a water treatment plant of the new production Facility.


IPO Opening and closing date

The Textured Jersey Lanka Limited IPO will be open on 7th July 2011 will close on 27th July or on the date on which is oversubscribed, whichever date is earlier.

Minimum Subscription

The Minimum subscriptions will be 100 shares (Rs.1, 500) and the excess should be multiply of 100 shares.

Banks of the IPO offers

The Textured Jersey Lanka Limited IPO is will be done by the co banks of Hatton National bank PLC (HNB) and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC).

IPO and total Number of Shares

The Textured Jersey Lanka Limited is issued for IPO 12.21% of the issued paid-up Ordinary shares. An Application has made to the CSE for permission to deal 655,002,440 Ordinary Voting shares to list on the Main Board of CSE.

Allotment Basis

The 80 Million shares will be allotted as following,

Category% Of IPO shares
Employees10% of the Shares
Unit Trust Investors10% of the Shares
Retail Individual Investor40% of the Shares
Non Retail Individual Investor40% of the Shares


Prospectus, Applications and Articles of Associations of Textured Jersey Lanka Limited

Application Form:http://www.cse.lk/270808/pdf/22_06_2011_TJLL_App_Form.pdf
Articles of Associations:http://www.cse.lk/270808/pdf/22_06_2011_TJLL_Arti.pdf

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  • rasanga says:

    is this company good to buy shares?Is this short term or long term invest.can I sell shares on first day for normal profit.

    • prasanna says:

      As per my point of View all the investments are good for long term, the short terms profits making are depending on the market reactions and the Market trends.

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