Vallibel One IPO

June 14, 2011
Vallibel One IPO

Vallibel One IPO

Vallibel one Limited issued 21,311,870 Ordinary voting shares as Initial Public Offerings at the price of Rs.25 each.

Amount to be rise

No of sharesValue of shareTotal
         21,311,870LKR 25.00LKR 532,796,750.00


Objective of IPO

The prime Objective of this share issue is to Construct a 300+ Roomed Five Star hotel in Negombo. The project is carried out by the Greener water Ltd; a fully owned Subsidiary of the company.

The cost of project is estimated at US$ 50 Million (LKR 5,600 Million). The land was purchased by the Greener Water Ltd at a cost of LKR 268.06 Million.

The total project will be funded as,

Method of Fund riseInvestment in Millions
Private Placement Investment:                              2,467.20
Debt:                              2,600.00
Initial Public Offerings:                                 532.80
Total:                              5,600.00


Minimum Subscriptions

The company Request to be Minimum Subscription per Application is 100 Shares (LKR 2,500) and the Application exceeding the minimum subscription should be in multiples of 100 Shares.

Opening date and Closing date of IPO

The Vallibel one IPO will open for issue on 21st June 2011 and will be close on 8th July 2011 or on the date on which the issue is oversubscribed.

Banker to the offering

The Vallibel one appoints Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC as a Banker to the Offerings.

Basis of Allotments

Types% of the offered Share
Unit Trust Investors10%
Retail Individual Investors40%
Non Retail Investors40%


Prospectus and Applications

The Vallibel one published its Prospectus, Applications and the Article of association in Colombo Stock Exchange website:

The links are as follows,


Application Form:

Article of Associations:


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  • darshana says:

    are they limit issues can i sell these share at higher price please tell me answer

    • prasanna says:

      Dear Darshana,
      It’s Depend on the market and the days it comes in.
      But currently EXPO Lanka under the IPO Value therefore better to understand the Market and trends before you invest in it.
      In general hopes Vallibel one will be good performing company and because of the Cooperate Personals.
      Thanks and best regards,

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