Vallibel One IPO

Vallibel One IPO

Today 6th July 2011, the Vallibel One IPO announced in CSE, under the retail category allotments there are 178,800 shares remained excess due to rounding of allotments to the nearest 100 shares,

Therefore the 178,800 shares are allotted as follows,

The 1625 Applicant who subscribed between 3,100 to 4,000 shares will allot additional 100 shares for each applicant, the amounting to total of 162,500 shares.

There were 410 valid applicant subscribed for 3000 shares each, 163 applicant will selected out that by lottery process and allot additional fixed allotment of 100 shares.

Therefore an investor who subscribed for 3,100 shares will allot following basis,

Basic allotment:100 shares
Rounding off to( Working 1):1000 shares
Additional allotment as per above announcement:100 shares
Total no of shares will get (as per new Allotments process):1200 shares
Total no of shares will get (as per earlier Allotments process):1100 shares
Working 1 
Allotment on percentage: 1026 shares [(3100-100)X 34.21053%]



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