Softlogic Holdings Limited IPO

Softlogic Holdings Limited IPO

Today 12th July 2011, the Softlogic Holdings Limited Board of Directors made announcement, that Softlogic Holdings acquire 73.53% of issued share capital of Asian Alliance Insurance PLC at the consideration of Rs.3, 308,929,920.00.

The same time Asia Capital PLC announce to CSE, the Board of Directors of Asia Capital PLC entered into a Shares sale/ Purchase Agreement to sell their total holding 53.16% of Asian Alliance Insurance PLC at the total consideration of Rs.2,392,513,920.00

No of shares

Price per Share

Total Consideration


LKR 120.00

LKR 2,392,513,920.00


Softlogic holding acquires proposition

No of shares



total consideration

share Acquiring Company


LKR 120.00


LKR 2,295,000,000.00

Softlogic Capital Limited

LKR 120.00


LKR 1,013,929,920.00

Softlogic Holdings Limited


LKR 3,308,929,920.00




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  • sanath de silva says:

    In 2008 Indian tour was insured by me at ABC Insurance company .I was the General Manager (General Insurance )of that company.Mr ASOKA PATHIRAGE was in the interim committee of Sri Lanaka Cricket at that time.The insurance premium was USS 619,000/= and which was defaulted by Sri Lanka Cricket.this is like you eat from a boutique and dont pay.My management at ABC held me responsible unduly and sacked me in 11th December 2008 and I lost my carrier having well recognized seven pfofesional and academic qualifications.

    The insurance consultant for this project was Mr Ainsly Alles who was a former General Manager (General Insurance)of Asian Alliance

    It is ironical that Mr PATHIRAGE who I really respect keeping a blind eye on this .Now it is a good chance for him tounderstand the agony of premium defaulters and redress my position as I have 20 years of general insurance underwriting experience

    All the best For AAIC

    Please forward this to Mr Pathirage

    Sanath de Silva

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