Haycarb PLC

Haycarb PLC

The Haycarb PLC published the interim financial statement for the period of 3 month year ended 30th June 2011.

Financial review

The Company has recorded the profit of Rs.137.5 Million for the last 3 month performance. even the company has achieve the 20% of revenue improvement the cost risen by 31 from the last year 1st quarter. The performance is slide good because of the other income has recorded the 266% improvement by recording the Rs.10.592 Million.

The financial expenses have risen by 84% cause of the new interest bearing loan in long term and short terms. These loans of Rs. 207.703 Million may used to buy the Property plan and Equipment at a cost of Rs. 223.355 Million.

In overall the company performance and positions are to be fair to be success for the long term businesses.

The interested investors can obtain the financial statement by clicking the link of http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_report_file/494_1312366631830.pdf

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