Hayleys PLC Interim Report for 30th June 2011

Hayleys PLC Interim Report for 30th June 2011

The Hayleys PLC published their Interim Report for the period of 30th June 2011on Colombo Stock Exchange Website on 5th August 2011.

Financial review of The Hayleys PLC

The Performance of the Hayleys PLC

The Hayleys PLC has indicated the higher growth in their Gross Turnover and the Net Turnover as 26%. The Cost sales, Distribution Expenses and the Administrative expense are increase in 29%, 5% and 14% respectively. Therefore the company has indicated the final profit for the period as Rs. 606 Million which is 72% high from the last year 1st Quarter of The Hayleys PLC.

Earnings per Share of Hayleys PLC
31st March 2011 year ended: 9.66
30th June 2010: 2.09
30th June 2011: 3.58


The Position of the Hayleys PLC

The Non Currant assets have been increase by Rs. 330 Million in 3 month time, cause of the purchase and contraction of Property plant and Equipment value of Rs. 694 Million in 3 month times.

The increment of the trade and other receivable by 20% from the 31st March 2011 and the same indication as appear into trade and other Payable active.

Cash flow Management of Hayleys PLC

 The Cash flows are where indicate a negative side of the Management as Rs. 7874 Million as Cash deficit in the period of 31st March 2011.

Future Developments of Hayleys PLC

There are good future predictions in Hayleys PLC cause of the Improvement of Selling and Distribution and the Administrative cost lead the Hayleys PLC with improve together with the High Credit Sales and Purchases.

Therefore there is a good future development can be expected from the side of Hayleys PLC in Long Future

Interim Financial Statement: http://www.cse.lk/cmt/upload_report_file/505_1312534532102.pdf

Source: www.cse.lk

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