Citrus Leisure PLC

Citrus Leisure PLC

The Citrus Leisure PLC announced to Colombo Stock Exchange the Warrant 2011 will be cease it is trade in Friend 30th September 2011, being the market day immediately preceding the commencement of the exercise period.

The Warrant Holders are entitled to exchange their warrants with an Equal number of Ordinary Voting shares of the Company at Rs.30.00 per Share during the Exercise period of 1st October 2011 and 15th October 2011.

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  • L. I. Ramanayaka says:

    I have 2000 warrants (REEF.W0017)and already made the payments of Rs. 60,000.00 (by a cheaque no. 115776 NDB Bank)for conversion to ordinary shares and Rs. 15,000.00 (by a cheaque no. 115777 NDB Bank) for 500 additional shares. But I unfortunately had made a mistake that I have sent the cheaques without signatures. How do I rectify this. I would like to suggest that them to be sent to the bank usual way and I will sign them visiting the NDB Bank – Galle branch. I asked the NDB Bank in writing to pay for the relevant cheaques. Could you please comment on this.
    My name is L. I. Ramanayaka (ID No. 692802977V)

    Thank you,

    Yours truly,

    L. I. Ramanayaka

    • prasanna says:

      Dear L.I.Ramanayaka,

      You Can contact to the Secretaries & Registrars (Private) Limited and clarifies about you issue. You can contact them by
      Tel: 011 2 325761 or 011 2 472971

      Thanks n Best regards,

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