CMA Srilanka New Syllabus for March 2012 Examination

CMA Srilanka New Syllabus for March 2012 Examination

The Certified Management Accountants of Srilanka published the New Syllabus for March 2011 Examination.

The Students can find the Syllabus contain in the below Link. 

For More information pls contact,
Director of Examination,
Tel:011 2580028
Tel:011 2501062 Ext 131

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  • sunali says:

    Dear Sir,
    i need do to get the study packs for Technicial Stage.
    Please Advice.
    Cant i download them.

    Kind Regards,

  • prabuddha says:

    dear sir
    i want know syllabus change veryy well

  • inshan says:

    Dear sir,

    I have failed 2 subjects (Taxation & Advance Management Accounting) in my intermediate stage and i repeated the above mentioned subjects in September 2011. If i failed one of the above subjects according to the new syllabus change what should i do?
    Please advice


    • prasanna says:

      Dear Inshan,
      If you passed any Subjects in Old Syllabus, that will be credited to you. And if you are repeating any subjects you need to follow New Syllabus.

  • Niomi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have passed all subjects of Technician Level in the Old Syllabus. Do I need to do the “Management,Corporate Governance & Ethics” to complete the Level 1 according to the New Syllabus. Please Advice.


    • prasanna says:

      Dear Niomi,
      the CMA Srilanka Dividsion Mail me as follows for above your question,
      “Students who have completed the Technician Stage of the present syllabus are exempt from Level 1 (Foundation Level) of the above syllabus.

      Please read page 95 of the syllabus.”


  • K M D Deshapriya says:

    I faced technician level last time and what i should do for face nest stage and how come may i collect Study pack please inform to following

    Mob 0715245472
    E-mail :

  • inshan says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m a professional 1 student and in September 2011 examination i faced Financial accounting and reporting, Marketing and Operational management.
    In this case do i have to face the other 3 new subjects ( Integrative management accounting, Corporate law and taxation, Professional communication) to complete the stage.


  • shaffraz says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have already completed the “business & co-operate law and Taxation” in Intermediate level year 2010.
    The same syllabus will be carried forward to Level 3 in new syllabus as “corporate Law and Advance Taxation”.

    why should we do the same thing in different level 3 to complete the stage?

    what is the rational behind this subject change?

    Pls advise.


    • prasanna says:

      Dear Shaffraz,
      CMA- Srilanka is a Continues Learning Professional Qualifications, as I hope there might be the reason behind it, as per I knew most of the Professional qualifications having a Corporate Laws and Business ethics subjects, due to the Students are expect to be Professional and Obtain a Good Corporate Skills.

  • Inshan says:


    In the new syllabus Managerial level Professional communication is exempt if we passed/exempt the Business English 1 & 2. I faced only Business Communication 1 because im a english medium student.
    Do i get the exemption for the new subject?


  • Thushari says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have already completed the “Financial Accounting & Reporting” & “Taxation” in Intermediate level year 2010.But unfortunately I have failed the “Business Law”.
    According to the CMA new Syllabus,do I have to do the “Business Law and Taxation”..?? Please Advice.


  • s.a.d sandaruwan says:

    dear sir,
    i faced the p1 stage and fail the financial accounting & reporting in old sylabous. so according to new sylabous i must do IMA,CRA, ADVANCED TAX. & LOW , PC. but i learn tax& low in intermidiate level & SBM subject already completed in P1 level. in new sylabous final level has SBM. so that subject i must do ? or its excemption in final level.In P1 LEVEL i down 1 subject but now i will face 4 subjects. i think it’s not practicable.
    pls advise me


  • prasanna says:

    Dear All,
    Regarding about the Examinations you Can Contact to the CMA Srilanka on the Given Contact Details:
    Tel: 011 2501062, 011 2506391

    Full Version of Syllabus:

    All the very best for your examinations,
    Best Regards,

  • Thimanthi says:

    I Had Registered as a student at the CMA Institute by November 2010.My Registered Number is A12982. I Hoped to faced to the 2011 March Technician stage Exam.But I Couldn’t faced to the above Exam.And my Registration Valid Up to31st December 2011.Now I mean to face to the above exam on March 2012.what time I should pay my annual subs and when I should Resister to the above exam?


    • prasanna says:

      Dear Thimanthi,
      CMA Srilanka Annual Subscriptions fee I due on 1st January Each Year.
      Therefore you may needs to pay your subscriptions to sit you March 2012 examinations,


  • Bimali says:

    Dear sir,

    I have repeated AFR in PI in old syllabus in order to complete the stage in new syllabus which subjects do i have to face. pl advice


  • Thilini says:

    I neet to know wether u have pilot papers under the New Syllobus of CMA

  • vanathy-s says:

    Dear sir,

    I sat IT & AFA sep-2011. I got D pass for IT. Now according the syllabus that subject transfer to Operational level.already I got exemption from foundation & Intermediate & few subject in, I want to know, shall I take the IT subject? I was confuse about of this. Please advise me.
    Best regards,

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Vanathy-s,
      The CMA updated the syllabus to improve the quality of learning’s; there 2 possible suggestions can given by CMA,
      1] Your exemptions are consider wholly and allow you to do remain subjects in P1 and further,
      2] Even the exemptions given, they may request you to do certain papers due to your Qualifications lacking,
      But mostly once the exceptions issued and confirm you have to do remain subjects, you can contact to CMA,

  • shahid says:

    Dear sir
    I already past last examination intermediate FAR,MPO,LAW and BC can you explain, i can sit for new subject tax only? what subjects are exemption for me, and i already covered for inter 3 subject.

  • sumal karunaratne says:

    ref. your letter 27/07/09 your ref.30, accordingly i have to sit in inter.stage Buiss. & tax. and prof.stage .
    since from March 2012 new syllabus,please advice me my position.
    N.L.S. Karunaratne

  • SHONE says:

    dear sir,

    i want to know how we face the may exam for SMA Strategic Level
    there is no study pack and also no classes for sma in JMC
    pls give some solution for get the SMA notes

  • Pavithra Lakshani says:

    I had change my password in MY CMA. But I unable to log it. So I unable to download the cma step 1 answers in English medium. Exam is in June. what should I do??

  • rifan says:



    • Prasanna says:

      hi Rifan,
      You may Obtain exemption for few subjects,
      pls contact to the CMA Srilanka Office.

      you can try for exams of November,

      best regards,

  • Rikas says:

    Can I know the marking scheme numbers should be obtain to receive A,B,C .PLS LEAVE A REPLY

  • D A M Fernando says:

    Dear sir
    I have already AAT Sri Lanka Final qualification . so could you please tell me, what i have exemption for the CAM Exam & how can i apply for exemption.

    sir i have to tell you some thing, still i am not registered CMA institute so please tell me how can i get studentship. i am in saudi arabia

  • D A M Fernando says:

    Dear sir

    I am working in Saudi Arabia .I want to do the CMA intermediate exam .so could please tell me . how can I get registration & exemption

    thank you
    DAM Fernando

  • Chaminda Priya says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know i have fully qualified CMA exams, what kind of
    exception given by CIMA institute.Please advise me.

    Thank You,

    • Prasanna says:

      Dear Chaminda,
      i think there are few Exemptions available,
      please contact to CIMA Srilanka Office,
      Thanks N Best Regards,

      • Sameera P.A.N. says:

        Dear Chaminda,

        First Six subjects are exempt if PII is completed. You can check with the data base given by the CIMA.

        Tnx & BR

        Sameera P.A.N.

  • sureka says:

    i want to know what are the changes recently done in CMA

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