E Channelling PLC

E Channelling PLC

The E-Channeling PLC Announced to Colombo Stock Exchange that a Special Resolution was passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Special Resolution was to Invest Rs. 150 Million in the Company of ECL Soft (Private) Limited in order to fund the Projects.

The ECL Soft (Private) Limited is looking forward to involving in the projects of

  • Leisure
  • Consultancy and training
  • Media and Advertising
  • Financial Service
  • International Marketing of ECL Group
  • Business Process Outsourcing in Health Care Sector
  • Strategic Investments

The Diversification of the E-Channeling PLC is value added to the Shareholders and the company to obtain more Profits and obtain more revenues.

For the long term the E-Channeling PLC can be a one of the best Holding Company in Srilanka.

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