Leadership Programme in Srilanka

Leadership Programme in Srilanka

The Franklin Covey Organized a Leadership programme in Srilanka. The Programme organized with the slogan with Grate leader, Grate Teams, Grate Results.

Key Objectives and Benefits of Programme

  • Develop leaders who can unleash the talent of their teams’ against your organization’s highest priories
  • Build a solid foundation of Competencies that will help your managers achieve unprecedented.
  • Create a culture of trust that will fuel profitability, Growth and Productivity
  • Establish Enduring System that ensure success long after your leader have move on


Leadership Main for Senior Leaders

Programme Date:            5th,6th,7th October 2011

6 month Follow-up Process


Leadership foundation for Emerging Leaders

Programme Date:            24th November 2011

11 Weeks Follow-up Process

For More information Contacts:
Tel:0773 977 377 / 0773 977 477 / 0773 442 288

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