PC House

PC House

The PC House PLC acquired a 90% Interest of Infoserve (Private) Limited at the Consideration of Rs. 45 Million.

The PC House is a Leading ICT Company which Providing Hardware and Software Solutions to Private and Public Sectors. The PC House Acquire Infoserve (Private) Limited in towards their Policy statement of Increase the BPO and KPO space of the IT Industry.

The Infoserve (Private) Limited is a BOI Approved Srilanka Based Company, which is a pioneer service providers in Internet research services to Clients.

The Acquisition and Future of PC House

I feel the PC House is in the position of Overtrading, Course after the Initial Public Offering the PC House is expanding their Productions and services much wider.

Specially the Group of Companies are in continuously acquire ICT related Companies. Which are a good sign and the Bad sign of the company as well.

Positive Side to PC House

  • More Investment on ICT Industry
  • Be achieving ICT Benchmark Position
  • Economic of Scale
  • Penetration Pricing Strategy

Negative Side to PC House

  • Over Emphasizing
  • Over Trading (Beyond their Capacity)
  • High Possibility of Monopoly in ICT
  • Ignorance of Customer Needs

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