As per the Colombo Stock Exchange announcement the 10% price band has been imposed on the following securities




HVA.N.00001st September 20117th September 2011
SFIN.N.00001st September 20117th September 2011
ACME.N.00002nd September 20118th September 2011
BLUE.N.00005th September 20119th September 2011
BLUE.X.00006th September 201112th September 2011
ECL.N.00006th September 201112th September 2011
SEMB.W.00166th September 201112th September 2011


The 10% Price band is where the Denoted shares can be traded within the 10% variation from the previous closing Price.


If the Particular share is Pervious day closed as Rs.10.00

The Maximum highest trade price be 11.00

Minimum trading price can be 9.00

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