John Keells Holdings PLC

John Keells Holdings PLC

The JKH made a corporate Disclosure to Colombo Stock Exchange that the John Keells Holdings PLC and Sanken Lanka (Pvt) Ltd joint venture to Build 25 Storey, 240 Rooms  Business Hotel in Colombo, Srilanka.

The Sanken Lanka (Pvt) Ltd will be a Major Shareholder and JKH will take Minority Stakes of the project. And the Sanken Lanka will be the main contractor for the project with Design Team 3 of Singapore.

The Contraction would take Approximately 33 Months and the Joint ventures will Investment Rs. 2.90 Billion in this project.

The JKH Will launch a new Brand in 6 month time and the hotel Management will be taken by Hotels Management services of JKH once the project is completed.

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