Vardhana Bank Education Loan

Vardhana Bank Education Loan

The Vardhana Bank Offers the Education Loan to Srilankan Students Who are with the Education Dream. As a bank of Srilanka, the Vardhana Bank supports to the Srilankan Students to educate and improve the Country Educational Level with their Loan Faculties.

Flexible Loan

The Loan Installments may fits to the Students Budgets

Attractive and Alternative Interest Rate

The Student having option of Choice the Alternative Interest rates of either a Fixed or Variable Interest rate that is competitive.


Quick Approval Process

Minimal Conditions

Two Guarantors acceptable to the Bank will be adequate for most loans

Available through all DFCC Vardhana Bank Branches

Choice of Borrowing options

Apply individually or jointly with your parents

An extended repayment period can be considered if you secure employment.

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