Expolanka Holdings PLC

Expolanka Holdings PLC

Today 13th October 2011, the Expolanka Holdings PLC Invest More on their International Braches.

The company made an announcement in Colombo Stock Exchange, that the company has made an Investment on Expolanka Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd and Expolanka Freight (Vietnam) Limited.


Invested By

Expolanka Holdings PLC

Expolanka Holdings PLC

Invested In

Expolanka Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

Expolanka Freight (Vietnam) Limited

Invested Amount

USD 256,000

 USD 283,333

Stake hold before the Invest



Stake Hold after this Invest




The Investments may help the Expolanka Holdings to be control more in their Subsidiaries and will help to improve the business performance in future.

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